Meet Coach Ai!

Hemel Hempstead’s very first virtual fitness companion is exclusively available at Our Gym now! Get help reaching your fitness goals for free, with technology in the palm of your hand. Coach Ai is free to use for all Our Gym members, and can help you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness goals and much more. All you need to start working with the coach is a smartphone and a goal!

  • Introduce yourself to the coach, he’ll learn about your habits and help start your fitness journey.
  • Schedule your weekly workouts and set days to attend classes and workouts. Set realistic goals, and stick to your plan long term with help and reminders from the coach!
  • Keep motivated and feel accountable for your progress, don’t let the coach down or he’ll wonder where you’ve been.
  • Increase your knowledge. Coach will send you interesting and relevant articles to help you broaden your fitness knowledge and learn tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Enjoy your exercise! You’ll be laughing and sweating as coach sends you hilarious memes, gifs, and quotes to congratulate or motivate you even more.

All new members will be able to access the coach with an automatic invite, or if you’re an existing member please speak to our friendly reception team about getting started with Coach Ai, they’ll be happy to help!