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Use the diagram and menu to find right equipment to use to target different muscle groups.

Not only are we great value, we also have the best equipment in the industry.

All our equipment has been specially selected to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to bulk up and add muscle, tone those abs or boost your energy levels with some cardio, we’ve got the perfect range of equipment to help you get there.


This machine can be adjusted to target the inner thigh muscles.


This machine can be adjusted to target the inner and outer thigh muscles.

Adjustable Bench

These benches are all adjustable in height and can be used for a variety of dumbbell or barbell exercises.

Battles Ropes


These supersized ropes can be used to perform a variety of movements aimed mainly at elevating your heart rate and getting your upper body pumping.

Bench Press

Bench Press Station

A flat bench with a barbell loaded just above the headrest, target your chest and tricep muscles by pressing the weighted bar.

Chest Press

Chest Press

A fixed machine that targets the chest and tricep muscles with a vertical pushing motion.

Chin/Dip Assist

The chin/dip assist machine provides a counter balance to allow anyone to perform assisted bodyweight chin-ups or dips.

Concept 2 Rowers

These rowing machines provide for a great full-body workout, whilst elevating your heart rate at the same time.

Cross Trainer

A full body non-impact stride machine, a cross trainer mimics a running motion whist providing resistance.

Dipping Station

Target your triceps by performing bodyweight dips on our dipping bars.

Dual Pulley

A versatile and easy-to-use cable machine that can be used for a variety of exercises including bicep curls and tricep extensions.

Jacobs Ladder

Target your whole body through this intense ladder-climbing cardiovascular workout


Kettlebells can be used for a variety of momentum-based exercises to target the large muscle groups of the body whilst elevating the heart rate.

Krank Cycles

A versatile upper body cycle machine that will target the chest, back and arms whilst elevating your heart rate.

Lat Pulldown

A fixed machine that mainly targets the large muscle down either side of the back, the Lat Pulldown is a multi-joint exercise that involves movement at the elbows, shoulders and scapula.

Leg Curl

A fixed machine that isolates and targets the hamstring in the rear of the thigh.

Leg Extension

A fixed machine that isolates and targets the quadriceps in the front of the thigh.

Leg Press

An alternative to the squat, the leg press is a fixed machine that targets all of the major muscle groups in the lower body.

Medicine Balls

Twist, throw, lift or slam a medicine ball to target differing muscle groups and provide for a great core-based workout.

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Olympic platforms

A safe dedicated platform area which allows you to train like an Olympian! These platforms are typically used to perform deadlifts or Olympic lifts.

Plate-loaded leg press

This machine targets all of the major muscle groups in the lower body with the ability to have an enhanced weight stack.



Use a weighted sand bag as an uneven resistance to improve stability, strength and power.

Preacher Bench

Preacher Bench

The apparatus on which preacher curls are performed on. The Preacher Bench is great for isolating the bicep muscles.

Schwinn Bike

Premium Spin Schwinn® Bike

These fantastic bikes have an authentic-ride feel of a chain and are on the cutting edge of the indoor cycling industry. The sophisticated console offers metrics including Watts, Time, Kcal, Cadence (RPM), Distance and Telemetry Heart Rate.

Recumbent Bikes

Great for those who require a bit of additional back support – the recumbent bike places the rider in a laid-back reclining position when cycling.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands

A flexible way to train, resistance bands are large elastic bands used to target practically any area of the body.


The base for a whole range of workout activities, our functional rig has a multitude of attachments and accessories, allowing you to perform a variety of functional training exercises in a way that suits you.

Seated Row

One of the most effective machines for targeting back muscles, the seated row is a fixed machine that not only works your back, but also activates several other muscles too.

Shoulder Press

A fixed machine that targets the shoulder and tricep muscles in an overhead pushing motion.

Indoor Cycle Bike

A bike with a weighted wheel that provides a similar experience to riding outdoors, inside!

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Sprint track

Run, carry, push, pull or flip your choice of equipment including sleds, tyres, kettlebells, sandbags down our purpose built track.

Squat rack

Used for a number of different exercises, most commonly squats, a squat rack houses a barbell and weighted discs to allow you to perform movements safely.

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Stackable plyo boxes

Whether you choose to jump or step, plyo boxes of varying heights can provide a platform to increase leg strength and power.

Suspension Training

Suspension training

A system of ropes and webbing that allows you to work against a percentage of your own bodyweight to target a chosen muscle group.


Whether you choose to run or walk, a treadmill can provide you with a natural and comfortable platform to workout.

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Lift, flip, push or pull a tyre to provide an intense and complete full body workout.

Upright Bikes

Comfortable and easy to use, the upright bike is a traditional seated exercise bike.

Variable Stride Cross Trainer

A cross trainer that allows you to stride your desired length, reducing impact on the joints.

Weighted Chains

Weighted chains

An alternative way to provide additional resistance to your workout.