Exercise Classes at Our Gym Hemel Hempstead

Free, fun, and sure to leave you feeling the burn, we’ve specially selected some of the most popular exercise classes around for you to enjoy as part of your membership. We host over 30+ classes per week, all of which are bookable 24 hours in advance and take place at Our Gym in Hemel Hempstead. You can find out more detail about our classes below the timetable.



Pump It Up – A session using barbells to break a serious sweat. Shapes tones and strengthens your whole body!


Barbell Technique Workshop – Make the most of our barbell based classes and ensure sure you’re using them safely and effectively with this new workshop. Limited to 8 people, you’ll receive personalised tips and technique corrections in a more intimate atmosphere. Please be aware this is not a group exercise class, this session is focused on learning techniques such as the stiff leg deadlift, bent over rows, squats, lunges and more…


Cycle – The original indoor cycling programme. A journey to health and fitness, an incredible training programme and personal challenge all at your own pace.


Metafit® – An intensive 30 minute body weight fast-paced interval class. Warning…Metafit® will seriously change your body! Not suitable during pregnancy.


HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. 30 minutes. Not suitable during pregnancy.


Legs, Bums & Tums – Lower body conditioning using bands, weights and body weight. 30 minutes.


Abs – A solid 30 minute abdominal workout.


Bodyweight Burn – A high intensity, full body workout that utilises bodyweight for resistance.


BoxFit – A fun gym based boxing class, with plenty of cardio and movement to get your heart racing.


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Stretch & Relax – A session designed to help relax the body after a hard workout and to improve overall flexibility.


Looking for more of a 1:1 training experience? Take a look at our friendly team of personal trainers who have the experience to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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